Mathematics Major

Earn a BS in Mathematical Science or Secondary Teacher Education in Math

University of South Carolina Beaufort's mathematics major has two tracks: Mathematical Science and Secondary Teacher Education in Mathematics. Students choose one of these two concentrations. 

Math Major Student Pointing at Projector

Secondary Teacher Education in Mathematics

The Secondary Teacher Education concentration in USCB's BS in Mathematics prepares students to teach mathematics in public and private secondary schools. This degree helps students connect their knowledge of advanced mathematics to the secondary mathematics curriculum they will use in the classroom. Coursework covers introduction to proof, foundations of geometry, the history of mathematics, recent developments in the field, teaching techniques, mathematical modeling and various technological tools that students will be able to use in their future classrooms.  


Professor in front of whiteboard equations

Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematical Sciences concentration in USCB's BS in Mathematics is a broad and rigorous degree that emphasizes the fundamental ideas and concepts of modern mathematics. This track is mainly designed for students intending to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or graduate schools leading to careers in academia, engineering, actuarial science, or finance.  The coursework emphasizes mathematical thinking skills and introduces technological tools that will provide a broad view of the mathematical sciences. 


Janyah Singleton
“I'm in my first math class at USCB. When you get the math problem and you understand how to solve it, it's a great feeling! Math is interesting when you know how to proceed.”
Janyah Singleton
Class of 2024, commuter student from Beaufort