Emerging Artists Competition

USCB Recognizes Top High School Artists

Emerging Artists Stage

Each year, the University of South Carolina Beaufort conducts its Emerging Artists Competition at the Center for the Arts on the Beaufort Campus.

High school juniors and seniors from public and private secondary schools throughout South Carolina and neighboring counties in Georgia and North Carolina submitted works of art for consideration by a panel of judges drawn from the university’s faculty in the Studio Art program. The works represented painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics and media arts.

On the day of the awards ceremoney, young artists come to USCB, attend the ceremony, tour the campus and participate in workshops at the university’s ceramics and media arts studios.

The Emerging Arts program is USCB's attempt to encouraging high school artists to pursue the arts and is a recruiting opportunity for the university. It showcases USCB's Studio Art degree program and arts scholarship funds. For more information contact Dr. Joanna Angell.

Submissions to Enter for 2023

The portal for submissions will open August 21, 2023 and will accept submissions through December 4th at midnight! Each student may submit up to 3 original artworks! Please Save these Dates!!

portal coming soon