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2023 USCB Visual Art Faculty Exhibition

2023 USCB Visual Art Faculty Exchibition PosterOPENING RECEPTION: FRIDAY September 22nd  5:30pm - 7:30pm
USCB Sea Islands Center Gallery 1106 Carteret Street  Beaufort South Carolina  29902

Sea Islands Center Gallery and the Studio Art Program is pleased to announce the 2023 Faculty Exhibition featuring Joanna Angell, Emma Barnes, Tyler Cieplowski, Amiri Farris, Kim Keats, Laurie Lovell, Chad Penner, and Jim Sidletsky. The public is welcome to attend!Exhibition dates: September 19th - October 23rd
The public is welcome to attend!


Andy: Figments

By Madelyn Roehrig
June 1 — September 1, 2023
Closing reception: Thursday, August 31 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Madelyn Roehrig's with their Andy's Figments

"Andy represents a life, a world, a magic that's somehow beyond what we know."
- Madelyn Roehrig

The USCB Sea Islands Center Gallery presents an exhibition exploring the afterlife of Andy Warhol and his community of grave site visitors & performers.

Many of Andy’s fans make the pilgrimage to his grave in Bethel Park, PA, and leave heartfelt notes of thanks, and items associated with the icon, like Campbell’s soup cans, Coke bottles, fright wigs, etc. The number of notes and mementoes left is staggering. Madelyn has archived and saved them and is now documenting them and contextualizing with essays by herself and guest writers, the importance and meaning of the outpouring of devotion to the long-dead artist, almost 40 years after his death in 1987.

Madelyn made her first visit to Andy Warhol’s grave in 2004 to ask for some help with her art projects and movies. In 2009 her visits became daily and she grew more and more curious and inspired to document the gifts and notes people left at Andy’s grave. This inspiration blossomed into her 2020 book, “Andy Can You Hear Us?” and her film project, “Figments: Conversations with Andy.” The project continues. A new book is anticipated soon! USCB Beaufort is pleased to present some magic of Andy Warhol and Madelyn Roehrig to our Beaufort and Lowcountry communities!

For more information on "Andy: Figments": 
FB: Conversations with Andy

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