Robert Landrum, PhD

Robert Landrum, PhD

Professor of History

Grayson House Sunporch
801 Carteret Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
Office: 843-521-4183
Robert Landrum, PhD

I came to USCB in 1999, when the Bluffton campus was no more than a sign on US 278. Since then I founded the History major, taught dozens of classes and been proud of thousands of lowcountry graduates. My education runs from the University of Colorado, to Edinburgh University (Scotland) and the University of Wisconsin where I earned my PhD in 1999. My research is centered on seventeenth-century Scotland and England, though for some time now I’ve been working on interpretive material for the National Park Service and the new Reconstruction Era Historic park newly established in Beaufort.

  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Research

PhD in History. The University of Wisconsin-Madison

MA in History. The University of Wisconsin-Madison

BA in History. The University of Colorado

  • HIST B101 - European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century
  • HIST B102 - European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century
  • HIST B111 - History of America from Discovery to 1865
  • HIST B300 - The Historian's Craft
  • HIST B302 - World of the Ancient Greeks
  • HIST B312 - French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
  • HIST B317 - Contemporary Europe from World War I to World War II
  • HIST B318 - Europe from World War II to the Present
  • HIST B492 - Topics in History
  • Seventeenth-Century Scotland
  • Early Modern Nationalism and National Identity
  • Scottish and British Religious Dissent
  • Witchcraft and European Women's History
  • The Reconstruction Era in the Lowcountry