BA in History

Earn a Bachelor of Arts in History At USCB

Chapel of Ease

The University of South Carolina Beaufort’s BA in History leads students through in-depth analysis of social, economic, cultural, intellectual and political patterns and events of the past. You’ll develop an understanding of and appreciation for cultures, institutions and civilizations.

Our faculty will lead you on an exploration of the age-old questions “Who are we, and how did we get here?” You will learn how to situate yourself in the long arc of human experience and how to find meaning in the past. Learn more about coursework for a BA in History by reading our program of study.


History in Action 

USCB History major Samantha Mischke explains the Beaufort Arsenal’s unusual architecture. She’s a tour guide for Sea Island Carriage Tours.

Minor in History at USCB

History can be a minor at USCB for students who are majoring in another academic discipline.  A minor in History requires 21 credit hours of 300+ level history coursework split along the following lines: two courses in European History (pre and post-1660), two courses in American History (pre and post-1860), one non-Western course (any period) and two additional courses numbered 300 or above.

Fully half of these credit hours must be completed at USCB and passed with a grade of 'C' or better. Courses used to satisfy requirements for the History minor count toward general education requirements but not your major. You are strongly encouraged to consult your advisor before declaring a minor. 

Sierra Watkins
“I chose to come to USCB because I knew that I would be able to gain personal relationships with my professors and advisors and because of the location. One of the best aspects of the History program at USCB is that one of the campuses is in Beaufort, a historic town. This allowed me to gain hands-on experience including working with the National Park Service.”
Sierra Watkins
History Major, Class of 2024