B.A. in Psychology

Major in Psychology at USCB

USCB's Bachelor of Arts in Psychology features courses in social psychology, psychology and ethics, and cognitive psychology, as well as a number of humanities and social sciences courses. Other psychology courses include research methods in psychology, psychological statistics labratory, life span developmental psychology, and biological psychology. Pyschology majors complete practicum and internship courses that give them hands-on experience in clinical and community settings.

Psychology Lecture with Student

Program of Study


Minor in Psychology at USCB

Psychology can be a minor at the University of South Carolina, for students who majoring in another academic discipline. 

A Psychology minor at USCB requires a minimum of 18 hours credit including:

PSYC B101, three PSYC courses from PSYC B302, B311, B321, B331, B341, B361, B380, B409, B465, and two PSYC courses numbered B210 or above (one course only of which may include PSYC B399, B498 or B499).

At least half of these hours must be completed at USCB and you must pass all these courses with a grade of 'C' or better. Courses used to satisfy requirements of your Psychology minor count toward general education requirements but not your major. You are strongly encouraged to consult your advisor before declaring a minor.