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USCB LEAD Psychology Laboratory

LEAD Lab Classroom TeachingThe USCB LEAD Psychology Laboratory allows students to conduct research on early affective development by creating their own research questions, engaging with the community to collect data and presenting their findings. Last academic school year students collected observational data and are continuing to generate thematic findings and group trends in mask wearing behavior. Students are also examining preschool teacher survey data on how COVID-19 has affected their classroom and their students’ social skills. The LEAD Psychology Lab is led by psychology professor Dr. Carmen Farrell.

USCB Social & Cultural Psychology Laboratory

Social Cultural Psychology Laboratory

The USCB Social & Cultural Psychology Laboratory provides students with opportunities to get firsthand experience conducting research that can lead to opportunities that include publications and conference presentations. Students learn important skills including open science practices, developing theory, writing a literature review, conducting data analyses, formatting a manuscript for publication and networking with colleagues globally. The lab is staffed by student volunteers that work alongside social psychologist Dr. Kyle J. Messick on projects within the domains of psychology of religion, psychology of music and broader studies exploring social and cultural psychology. Currently, the lab is exploring the relationship between collecting behaviors and compulsive buying within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Upcoming output from the lab includes new cognitive and evolutionary approaches to atheism, the experience of dis/ability in the context of metal music culture, the psychological functions of the nontheistic sacred, the relationship between misogynistic music and misogynistic beliefs and a critical evaluation of Milgram’s obedience studies using a new paradigm.