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Sociology in Action in the Community

Graying of Beaufort County

Older Adults

Seniors in Research Seminar during the 2020, 2021 and 2022 spring semesters collected data on the aging population in our community as part of a “Graying of Beaufort County” project for the Human Services Alliance. Students surveyed 555 adults over the age of 48 on their housing and living arrangements, mental and physical health, social activities, COVID-related isolation and substance use. The 2022 presentation for USCB’s Research and Scholarship Day is posted here:


Aging Experiences of Nuns

Sociology major Tamara Pendarvis, Class of 2022, received a SMART award to assist Dr. Summer Roberts with qualitative data analysis on the aging experiences of nuns in a local retirement convent. Fellow Sociology major Jordan Mink, Class of 2022, continued this project, collecting additional interviews on how the nuns navigated COVID with support from the Summer Research Experience (SRE) program.

Second Helpings

Second Helpings

During the spring of 2021, students in Applied Sociology worked with local non-profit organization Second Helpings to collect data on food insecurity on USCB's Bluffton campus and develop a plan for food rescue from campus dining services. They also rode along with volunteers on the Second Helpings truck to rescue food from local grocery stores and deliver it to Our Lady’s Pantry in Hardeeville. The food was distributed to neighbors in need.


Leadership Distinction in Community Engagement

Sociology graduates Sa’Lima Lazarus and Rion Duncan earned Graduation with Leadership Distinction in Community Engagement as a result of their extensive research and community service activities. 

Sa' Lima Lazarus
“My favorite course was Introduction to Gender Studies, where I was introduced to the concept of intersectionality. We analyzed connections between gender and other factors like race and socioeconomic class that create disadvantages for many people. During my last semester at USCB, I took Applied Sociology, where our class worked with a local organization to help prevent food waste and reduce food insecurity. We were all invested in the plan we created, and it was successful, which left us feeling very accomplished!”
Sa' Lima Lazarus
Sociology major, Class of 2021